Ronal DeMeo, M.D. wins Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's 2011 Health Care Heroes Award and Technology Leader of the year award

Dr. DeMeo Is Recognized in South Florida and Worldwide for for his leadership in health care, community service, and his invention of life saving technology that is being used to help the victims of Japan’s Nuclear disaster.

2011 South Florida Business Health Care Innovator Award Finalist

Dr. Demeo is recognized in South Florida and Worldwide for his leadership in health care, community service and his invention of life saving technology that is used to help the victims of Japan nuclear disaster

South Florida Business Journal Finalist In The Healthcare Innovation Awards 2009

Dr. Ron Demeo was awarded the 2009 innovator award. The excellence in health care awards honors health care professionals who make a difference in patient care, medical research, innovation, outreach and service to the poor and uninsured.

Donation Proclamation

Renowned surgeon and inventor Dr. Ronald DeMeo partnered with the Miami-Dade County Public School District by donating sports equipment valued at nearly $20,000 to 30 Miami-Dade public Schools

Excellence in Health Care Awards

Dr. Ronald DeMeo, Meridian Spinal Therapeutics and Interventional Medicine,
Finalist for Innovation

The Voice of Florida Newspaper

The Spine Journal. Analg.1992; 75: 868

Use of Transesophageal Echocardiogram for Intracardiac Thrombus Related to Postoperative… DeMeo and Deepika Anesth

M R 2009 Mar;1(3): 281-3

Symptomatic pseudarthrosis after a traumatically disrupted congenital lumbar transverse process-ileum fusion (richard disease) treated successfully with steroid injections: a case report.
Brusovanik GV, Scuderi GJ, Demeo RF, Vaccaro AR.
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI(dagger).
PMID: 19627908 [PubMed – in process]

Spine Journal 2008 Jul-Aug;8 (4):624-9

A critical evaluation of discography in patients with lumbar intervertebral disc disease.
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Spinal Disorders Tech. 2006 June; 19(4): 266-9

Cytokine Assay of Epidural Space Lavage inPatients with Lumbar Intervertebral Disk Herniation and Radiculopathy
DeMeo RD Scuderi, G.J.Brusovanik GV, Anderson DG, Dunham C, ,
Vaccaro A.R ,Hallab, N:

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