Demron® By Radiation Shield Technologies

Demron’s® patented nanotechnology has been in development for almost a decade. From its humble beginnings to the technological leaps of today, Demron® has been continually enhanced and refined. Using the latest molecular engineering techniques, Demron® offers the kind of radiation protection only associated with traditional heavy metals like Lead.

Demron® is produced through a carefully controlled manufacturing process that allows RST’s technicians to construct the exact molecular configurations needed to block radioactivity. With a specialized group of factories and laboratories throughout the nation, Demron’s quality and effectiveness is of primary importance for every Demron® product produced. While Demron® itself has the versatility to be manufactured for many different needs and specifications, the core nanotechnology at the heart of the Demron® process is what makes it truly unique.

The Demron C Suit

About the Demron C Suit

Radiation Shield Technologies (RST), Dr. Ronald DeMeo, founder and inventor of RST recently developed the first reusable PPE against Covid-19 called the Demron C Suit. The Demron C Suit was designed to provide unsurpassed antiviral, Covid-19 Protection. Designed specifically with the healthcare worker in mind. Unlike first responder PPEs which are designed to be worn for about 20 minutes at a time, healthcare workers must perform their duties in an eight hour or more shift. The unique self-cooling technology of our PPE’s allows our healthcare worker to wear the suit throughout the day without impeding their ability to care for patients.

Some facts about RST’s new Demron C Suit:

  • The only protective Anti-Viral suit that is both impermeable to fluids and breathable. This enables continuous daily use with minimal heat stress
  • May be worn under protective disposable garments by healthcare workers and first responders caring for patients, enabling them to remain protected while simply removing and replacing the disposable garments between each patient
  • Lightweight, cool, and comfortable
  • Easily washable with regular soap and water
  • A cost-effective, multi-use solution helping reduce the infection risk of healthcare workers and first responders, enabling them to stay longer in the workforce

Healthcare workers are extremely susceptible to Covid-19, as they often are exposed to several highly infected individuals. Additionally, the current PPE’s are made from paper and they are not designed for continuous use as they frequently tear and often leaving healthcare workers without any PPE throughout the day. This not only exposes them to the virus but their family members, as they take their contaminated clothing home.

We have awarded and completed a contract with the Florida Division of Emergency Management which distributes our suits to healthcare workers and first responders throughout the state of Florida.
Demron C is the latest development of RST’s Demron line of anti-terrorism Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protective garments, which for years have been used by the U.S. Military, the FDNY, IAEC, NASA, Fukushima and many international first responder and military teams.

Dr. Ronald DeMeo is also the medical director and founder of Meridian Spinal Therapeutics Interventional Pain Medicine located in Miami, FL.  Dr. DeMeo has dedicated his career to helping patients with spinal injuries and helping them return to work and live better lives. He also has been an inventor in the fields of protective apparel, physical therapy, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and devoted his life to providing solutions to help first responders, healthcare workers and patients worldwide.

The Demron product line includes full-body suits, blankets, vests, bras and shields. More information is available at, or (866) 7DEMRON.